Friday, June 4, 2010

Rita's closing shop...

Above: Not Without Precision, 2009 Encaustic paint and found objects - Toni Youngblood

I can't help but feel a little sad that Rita of Frolic Farm & Ginkgo Gallery is closing shop. I'm happy for her that she's off on a little adventure in Costa Rica with her recently graduated son before he enrolls his freshman year of college. Rita is an advocate for artists and quite the creative crafty gal herself. I loved visiting her at the shop---always something new and exciting going on. Her openings on SLC Gallery Stroll evenings were warm, lively and packed with interesting and friendly people. I'm sure we will hear more from Rita and I look forward to seeing her before long. I wished her well this afternoon as she and her helpers were loading up the truck to take the remaining contents of the shop to storage. I picked up the last couple of my own items on display. Rita recently sold my encaustic painting shown above---Not Without Precision. She loves encaustic work herself. Thank you, Rita for your can-do cheerfulness, dedication and advocacy for "your" artists!

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  1. Hi Toni,

    The Second Hand Chicks will miss Rita, also. We have enjoyed being her neighbor across the parking lot these past several months. Maddie is especially sad about her departure since Rita has so kindly taken her under her wing and nurtured her budding artistic talents by framing and displaying her artwork in her shop.

    We wish her safe travels and good luck in her new endeavors.

    Second Hand Chicks




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