Monday, November 27, 2017

Moving into the S.O.B.

The Guernsey Wrap knitting project was, in fact, completed and has been worn a couple of times.  Then Thanksgiving came along and I enlisted a couple of helping hands to assist me moving the heavier items into the S.O.B..  And I moved most of my encaustic supplies inside, too.

I decided at the eleventh hour to bring a drawing table into the work space.  That compromised space for a loungey-type seating area.  Ironic that I had a table just like this throughout my undergraduate art school days and moved it everywhere (to three different states) for the next twenty plus years before leaving it behind.  I found this one on craigslist.

The hounds loved relaxing in the studio with me on this past Summer's evenings and they are excited to be back inside it now.  I'll always keep a space for their beds.  💖

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