Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Design: HOT stoop LOVE and construction progress photos

Above: And now for my latest favorite new thing---the new back steps! They were completed yesterday (remember the old cracked leaning concrete steps?)

Above: The new stoop and steps!

Above: The corrugated metal panels (besides being pretty snappy and part of our overall plan for the scheme of exterior finish materials) cover what remained of the old concrete steps, after hammering out portions of concrete to make room for construction of the new stoop and steps.

Above: Closer view of panel details. My builder, Mark, who was also trained as an architect, came up with the design for the new stoop and steps. The corrugated metal will also be the material used for awnings to be built over the south-facing and east-facing windows. Similar to the awning shown in the photo below. . .

And now I will be busy staining and painting to beat winter's arrival.

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