Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hound's Roo

"Hound's Roo" is the name of our little cottage. One of our favorite things we do at Hound's Roo is take care of retired racing greyhounds...two of my own and an occasional "babysitting" of a beloved greyhound belonging to someone else. The "Hound" part of the name is obvious, but the "Roo" part is explained as thus: The greyhound was originally bred for hunting by sight, thus they fall in the category of "sight hound". In older times when they were used for the hunt, the human leader blew into an animal horn to call together the hounds for the hunt. The greyhounds would gather and lift up their heads and make a howling sound that came out as "roooooooo". It is amazing even today unrelated to a hunting environment, to hear the hounds roo. They will sometimes do it when a human makes the rooing sound. It's much like when a dog howls in "tune" with a fire or police siren. At our house, the hound's roo is pretty much the cat's meow!

I only take care of greyhounds, as they typically get along well together, having "served" in the racing industry and lived in group greyhound facilities. It has developed into a kind of "fraternity" for them. They always know another greyhound by sight! Another reason I keep greyhounds only, is that there are some greyhounds who have a high prey instinct (due to that ancient breeding to hunt) and smaller dogs would not be safe around around them.

If you have a greyhound or know a greyhound parent, keep us in mind for daycare or overnight stays...
I'm a seasoned greyhound owner and greyhound foster parent who will care for your greyhound in our home while you are away. Two gentle greyhounds are in residence here to provide canine company for your pup(s). Feeding is per your schedule and instructions. You provide your hound's food, meds, favorite toy or blankie. A large fenced back yard is available for play and we take walks around the park and sometimes go for a ride. Tell us about any special requirements and we will accommodate. For more details and to arrange a visit to Hound's Roo, click on my "Contact Me" button on the right side of my blog.

Above: Jay's Weekender, aka "Ender", always a perfect gentleman.

If you are interested in learning more about adopting a wonderful greyhound pet of your own, visit these greyt sites:

Greyhound Gang
Greyhound Pets of America Salt Lake City
Royal Hounds Greyhound Adoption
Second Chance Greyhounds

Above: Harri-Berry (Creative napping demonstration---The inverted "L"---She can pose in all 26 letters of the English alphabet!)

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