Thursday, July 26, 2012

Coat Hanger Coat Rack

This is not one of my ideas, but just saw it at SF Girl By Bay and thought it was cleaver and makes me smile.  Photo by Jansje Klazinga

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Coat Tree (Rack)

This coat tree from My (reconditioning) Workshop is available now at Home Again Consignments in Salt Lake City.

The coat rack is made of very solid (oak) wood and exhibits traditional turned details.
The junction points of the piece are brass (see top finial above).

This is a handsome piece that's sturdy enough now to enjoy many years of use.

HAPPY PIONEER DAY to all the Utahns!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Graceful Oval-topped Louis XVI/Gustavian-style Dining Table

This dining table is on its way to consignment at Home Again in Salt Lake City.  It has an oval top with book- matched inlaid oak panels which have been lovingly restored and finished with a durable polyurethane to see many more years of dining. 

The table edge follows a curve accenting the position of the legs.  The legs are a Gustavian or simplified Louis XVI design.  The table apron and legs are finished in a creamy paint on which a protective top coat has been applied.

I want to give credit here to my unwavering helper in recent projects, who really prefers to remain anonymous.  His work has shortened the time in which I can get my pieces completed.  His quality of work is excellent and I enjoy having his collaboration of ideas.  Love you!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2012 Architectural Boxes

For several years I've been finding and reconditioning little wood boxes.  All different sizes, shapes, designs in various types of wood; boxes that can be used for jewelry, coins, keys, iPods, woodwind reeds...See a few boxes from years past here.  From the beginning, I've incorporated copies of etchings of old buildings from a great old book I have.

The oval box displays details from drawings of Palladian buildings, is similar to several I found and reconditioned in years past and is a favorite of mine.
This year I am adding boxes to the series which include copies of my own sketches from travels---drawn while on location.  They  have a less formal character that comes from experiencing the light and weather conditions as well as other elements of the time of day and season.

Above:  From the pencil sketch Montepulciano at Dusk, Toni Youngblood 1988.

The picture here features a sketch I did at the end of a day trip to the town of Montepulciano in Italy.  It was dusk and the town was viewed and sketched in silhouette.

This is a quick preview of boxes for 2012.   There are also a couple of personalized box commissions in the works. More little boxes are between...other projects...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Black Tea Table with Glass Top Insert

This little table came to me in pieces and a bit tattered.  A part or two of the material was missing.  We duplicated materials where missing and made this diminutive stiletto-legged tea table whole again.
The quatrefoilic-shaped top is original "red" mahogany and inset with perfectly fitting protective 1/4-inch thick glass.
Subtle curves of the top are lined with an edge that  holds the glass in place.  A "bead" follows and accents the bottom edge of the table top.

An urn-shaped finial tops the intersecting bracing of the legs.

This table with sleak silhouette measures approximately 26 inches high by 17-5/8 inches wide, and is now available in my Decor & Furnishings Workshop for $59.  Drop me  a line if you are interested in this piece---before I take it to retail consignment.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Reconditioned Vintage Furniture Pieces Recently Sold

We've been very busy in the workshop, completing several fun pieces.  The items shown in the photographs here have all sold in the last month.   When I first post photos on this site of a completed piece that you may be interested in having, please let me know by sending me a message.  If the piece doesn't sell within a week or so,  I deliver it to one of two local consignment shops for sale.  The consignment shops generally take a commission of half the sales price.  If you purchase an item directly from me prior to delivery to the shop, not only do I save a delivery trip, I can give you a better price and do a little better myself.  But once the piece is delivered to consign, the contract keeps the item at the shop for at least ninety days.
Details on each piece can be seen on my Decor & Furnishings Workshop page.  When you see a new item that you want to consider purchasing, send me a message.  I can also do custom work.

I love hearing from you with comments and suggestions, too!



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