Saturday, August 31, 2013

Camping Chic Decor?

Yes, camping chic decor...

During a research period for raised dog beds for outside summer lounging, I ran across a wood and canvas camping cot at a local thrift store.  I bought the cot for a song.  Though the two end pieces were missing, I knew I could make replacements in my woodworking shop.  I got on the internet to see examples of the end pieces and surprisingly ran across examples of Army/camping cots used as camping chic interior decor.  The prices for vintage cots are also surprisingly high.  Here are a few of the images I discovered.

OK, so the search for raised dog beds will continue.  I've decided not to use the chic cot for the hound beds, after all.  ;o)

Friday, August 30, 2013

Utah Watercolor Society Small Works Exhibit 2013

 Above:  JUROR'S AWARD:  Fred's Cake, Toni Youngblood, 2013
Above:  HONORABLE MENTION:   Amalfi Hillside, Toni Youngblood, 2013



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