Monday, October 26, 2009


Above:  Seattle Winter Table, Toni Youngblood© ,  12"x15"  watercolor on Fabriano paper $675 framed.

Above:  The portability of watercolor paints makes them perfect for catching stunning scenes while traveling. 

Above:  Refill Please - Toni Youngblood©, 6"x4" watercolor & mixed media on paper, $40 unframed.
 Under Wraps - Toni Youngblood,© 6"x4" watercolor & mixed media on paper, $40 unframed.
 Catrina Ecuestre - Toni Youngblood©, 16"x12" watercolor & mixed media on paper, $250 unframed.
 Figs! - Toni Youngblood© , 6"x4" watercolor & mixed media on paper, $50 unframed.
Cowl - Toni Youngblood© , 6"x4" watercolor & mixed media on paper, $40 unframed.
 Tulip Tabletop Topography - Toni Youngblood 30"x22" watercolor, $450

 Tetons - Toni Youngblood 30"x22" watercolor, $450

 Montepulciano Dusk - Toni Youngblood 30"x22" watercolor, $450

Expecting to Fly - Toni Youngblood 30"x22" watercolor, $450

Everything you need will fit into a bag about the size of a small to medium purse and you just need a bottle of water and a couple of collapsible cups and you're equipped. Many of the paintings in this post were done on-site while I was traveling through the Mediterranean in Italy, Greece and Turkey. 
 Above:  View on the Island of Santorini, Greece©  SOLD

 Santorini Revisited, Watercolor on Arches paper, 18"x15" - Toni Youngblood©  SOLD

Amalfi Hillside, Watercolor on Arches paper, 5"x7" - Toni Youngblood 2013©  $50 unframed

Others are inspired by what I see closer to home.
 Edge of the Pond (Morris Graves Estate Woodway, Washington) Toni Youngblood 2012©  $375 unframed.

Fred's Birthday Dessert, 4"x6" watercolor, Toni Youngblood © NFS

Seattle Winter Table, Toni Youngblood©  $675 framed.

Croquet Balls, 9"x 9", Toni Youngblood ©  $200 framed.

 Pisces Girl, Watercolor on Arches paper, Toni Youngblood©  NFS

Aussie Skier, Watercolor on Arches paper, Toni Youngblood© , NFS
The images directly below were commissioned a few years ago by Scott Hale, owner of the Pub Group Restaurants in Salt Lake City for use in advertising on programs for the Salt Lake Acting Company and for the local PBS TV station. The paintings toward the end include subjects from nature, short-pose portraits and book illustration.

Martin SOLD
The Desert Edge  SOLD

Taormina Afternoon SOLD
Theater at Ephesus SOLD

Amalfi View from Villa Cimbrone SOLD
Temple of Neptune SOLD
Expecting to Fly, 15"x12"  Toni Youngblood©, $350 framed

Anna's Sunflower 7"x 5" SOLD

ala Zubaran 7"x5" SOLD                       

Peace 7"x5" SOLD
Villa Chimbrone SOLD

Heartfelt Letter  12"x9"  SOLD

Untangling Thoughts  15"x12", Toni Youngblood © $150 unframed

Onion Bouquet 7"x5"  SOLD

Caye, 12"x 9" Toni Youngblood © $30 unframed

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