Saturday, October 24, 2009

I can see clearly now...

Looking at the dogs through the new glazed back door.

The new glazed back door.
Current view of the east wall.

"Before" view of the east wall.
Current view of the south wall.
"Before" view of the south wall.
I'm thrilled that I can stand at my kitchen door and look out through the backroom door (Pre-hung Therma-Tru door found on for less than 40% of the in the store cost---just installed today) and see my back walkway, yard, garage and pups waiting to come inside. The old solid-core door can be seen leaning against the garage in the doggie photo. I can also look through six new large windows and see gorgeous leaves turning colors on the trees and a peek-a-boo teaser of Mt. Olympus. After the leaves have fallen, I will be able to see a panoramic view of all the mountains to the east---Yippee! I've included a couple of "before" pictures (third from the top) of the same window wall in the room as it was originally built, with one microscopic window for the entire space and terrifyingly under-sized and randomly-spaced framing members!

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