Sunday, October 18, 2009

Architectural Boxes

 My inspiration for the design direction for the box re-do is the work of artist/architect/designer Pietro Fornasetti and his full-size furniture pieces from the 1950's and 1960's, as shown in the secretary and cabinet in the top two photos. My hat is off to him for his stunningly detailed and executed pieces and the oft presence of whimsy in his work. More examples of his work in furnishings can be seen here: Fornasetti Furniture . Though generally I'm not a wallpaper fan, I love many of his wallpaper designs, which can be seen here: Cole & Son Fornasetti Collection . I particularly like MediterraneaMalichite and Riflesso.

A biographical reference to the artist can be found at: Piero Fornasetti Story.

The photo above shows recently completed boxes I have found and up-cycled into a second life. They continue to be useful as containers for jewelry, stamps, pencils, pocket change, i-pods or other precious or small items. In their new life, they display etchings of ancient and historic architecture. Clockwise from left to right: Tall glass-fronted cabinet with drawings of the arch of Septimuius Severus, oblong box with drawings from the facade of the Sgraffito building in Florence, flat box with the interior of the Pantheon in Rome, curved top box with the horses from the facade of St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice, small window box with the St. Mark's horses, a small armoire with elevations of the cathedral in Murano Italy (the island near Venice and home of the famous glass-making atelier). Click on the photo for close-up details. In some instances, I've taken bits and pieces from various boxes and used them to create a different box.

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