Saturday, October 17, 2009

Windows in and beginning to look like a room.

The first photo shows the windows facing south and east. God's free sunshine will help make the space toasty in winter and built-in awnings will cut out some of that unwanted radiant heat in the summer. The door, which is partially obscured by OSB (board) on the right of the picutre, leads into the small south bedroom, currently ocupied by Kathleen, first-year pharmacy student at the U. of U. She is looking forward to stepping out into the new space to enjoy her morning cup of coffee. The second photo shows the single north-facing window which provides heavenly breezes in conjunction with the south windows when they are slightly open. A bit of the brick wall of the original house is visible on the left of this photo. As hoped, a test strip of brick cleaning that I did a few weeks ago indicates that an overall cleaning will make it a feature worth saving. The rest of the exterior of the house has been painted a cream color, but this area within the old addition had not. The closed-in window on the brick wall "looks" into the small bathroom shower! The open door leads into the kitchen.

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