Saturday, August 8, 2009

Artwork: Crow Series Paintings

Inspired by the huge and hilarious crow population while I was living in Seattle, I painted a series of crows.


Above:  "Considering Migration", 22"x15" Watercolor and water soluble crayons on paper, Toni Youngbllood 2013 © $250 unframed .  Magpies are the close cousins of Crows.  Both belong to the Corvid family.

 Toni Youngblood, A Murder of Crows on the Line, watermedia on paper, 2010 ©  $650 framed.

Manny, Mo and Jack, Acrylic on canvas, 12"x9" acrylic on canvas board- Toni Youngblood 2013  $350 framed SOLD

Toni Youngblood, A Peak Under Her Skirt, 2005 © SOLD

 Toni Youngblood, Found a Peanut, Struttin' No. 2,  2010 © SOLD

 Toni Youngblood, Crows in Tree at Dusk No.3,  2010 © SOLD

 Toni Youngblood, Crows in Tree at Dusk No. 1, 1991 © - NFS

 Toni Youngblood, Crows in Tree Blue Evening, Mixed media on paper, Toni Youngblood 2001  © - $850 framed

 Toni Youngblood, Crows in Tree at Dusk No. 2,  2009 © SOLD

 Toni Youngblood, Found a Peanut, Struttin' No. 1, 2005 © SOLD

 Toni Youngblood, Gleaning Crow No. 2, 2010 ©  SOLD

 Toni Youngblood, Yellow Stick Silver Dawn, Mixed media on paper 2004 © $450 framed

 Toni Youngblood, Guardian Mr. Stout, Mixed media on paper, 2001 ©  - $450 framed

 Toni Youngblood, Gleaning Crow No. 1, 2004 © SOLD

Toni Youngblood, Madonna and Fledgling, 2005 © SOLD

Toni Youngblood, Crow Christmas Tree, 2000 © NFS

1 comment:

  1. These are great! You've really captured the humorous, and dignified, qualities of the crow. I really like your colour choices too (and the way the light bounces off the Guardian Mr. Stout's feathers and beak).




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