Friday, August 7, 2009

Artwork: Encaustic Workshops for Beginners and for Textile and Fiber Artists

The end of May I drove to the San Francisco Bay Area for a two-day workshop in basic beginning encaustic painting taught by Hylla Evans at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, California . I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop---it was precisely what I had hoped it would be to get me started painting in encaustic, and eliminating my fear of the torch as a fusing device. Hylla provided needed information on safety, materials, techniques and stressed the use of archival elements in artwork. I took ten 12"x12" plywood boards with me and worked on all ten during the two days. I've included snap shots of two of the pieces here. Hylla makes and sells encaustic materials in Sonoma and has a website:

Last Friday morning (July 31) I saw a post on the SLC craigslist in the "artists" section for a two-day workshop for Encaustics for Textile and Fiber artists starting the next day (August 1). Daniella Woolf conducted the workshop at Spiro Arts in Park City . I managed to sign up to take Saturday's session, in spite of short notice. As close as Park City is to Salt Lake City, I had never heard of Spiro. It's a great little facility housed in a restored old building over a silver mine. There is 2200 square feet of studio work space and Spiro offers art workshops and residencies as well as a space for lecture series through the U. of Utah. I felt a bit out of my element as a painter, using fabric, but learned more techniques of working in other materials with encaustic. It was fun meeting Daniella (who lives in Santa Cruz, CA and Whidbey Island, WA). and She introduced me to Jeff Juhlin from Salt Lake City who is an artist working beautifully in encaustic, as well. I had a great visit with Jeff in his studio this afternoon and came back with lots of notes on studio set up and materials and where to get them.

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