Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two Favorite Things

Jazz music
Abstract Expressionist painting

John Coltrane recording album cover, ca. 1957

Coltrane at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC, ca. 1957

Franz Kline, Mural ca. 1940's

Chief, Franz Kline, 1950 (Museum of Modern Art)

Coltrane "playing"

Coltrane in thought...(wife, Alice in background was a professional pianist), 1962.

Franz Kline, Street Scene, 1949

Franz Kline, Main, ca. 1949

Coltrane stretch, ca. 1957

Franz Kline, Figure 8, 1952

Coltrane was capable of playing melody...

Kline was capable of skilled representation...

But, I'm glad they ventured beyond conventions...

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