Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Peaceful Demonstration in Salt Lake City

at the federal court...
All photographs and the story are taken from the February 28 Salt Lake Tribune.  See more here.
(Al Hartmann | The Salt Lake Tribune) Tim DeChrisopher, left, and his lawyers Ron Yengich and Pat Shea step from the Federal Court Building in Salt Lake City on Monday, Feb. 28, looking across the street to where several hundred people were rallying for DeChristopher. DeChristopher is accused of winning bids on more than a dozen drilling parcels in Utah with no intention of paying the $1.8 million tab. He said he disrupted the auction to help thwart the global climate crisis.

Click on images for a closer view...

Actress/activist Daryl Hannah showed up and demonstrated her support
Daryl Hannah

Lots of chanting and singing from (global and) local supporters. (Hi, Joan!)


  1. Hi Toni,
    Thanks for covering this. What De Christopher did was so brave. Let's hope he does not have to serve any time.

    Second Hand Chicks




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