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  1. Some years ago I purchased notecards with your rendering of the Greyhound you called Cricket. I have treasured the remaining card, which I had framed a short time ago. I just came across your website and your FB page and saw that you have a number of Greyhound paintings.
    Is it possible that any of those are available for sale as notecards? I would so love to have copies of them. I regret that I am unable to purchase larger pieces, but my modest retirement funds do not allow it.

    I really admire your work, but I, of course, was very drawn to your Greyhound portraits, having owned Greyhounds for 17 years. I miss having my "pack of hounds," but am grateful to still have one, who brings me joy daily. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,

    Catherine McGovern

    1. Catherine: Thank you for visiting and enjoying my greyhound art, including my very first rendering of my greyhound, Cricket. Would you mind sending an email message to me via the "Contact Us" button on the right column of this blog. Then I can get in touch easier with you and let you know options for greyhound art. Toni




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