Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Roman Cobblestones and High Heels

Though there's been talk of paving the streets with asphalt to save ladies wearing high heels, Roman streets have been "paved" with cobblestones for centuries.
The cobblestone is made from black basalt shaped like a wedge and pounded into a sand base.  When work is required below street level, the stones are pulled out and the sand shoveled to clear the way.
The fan-like pattern of stone placement is said to be based on the arm's reach of the workman placing the stones.
Since so many of the streets in Rome are narrow without sidewalks for pedestrian walkways, the pedestrian shares the streets with motor vehicles and must walk on the cobblestone streets---therefore, the concern for safety of high-heel-wearing pedestrians.  Read one story here regarding the asphalt paving plans.

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