Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Be careful looking up!

While painting a cabinet outside my shop on the motor court last week, I noticed little green splats beginning to appear seemingly from nowhere on my cabinet and myself. Before too long, I looked up into the huge tree that hangs over the driveway. There I saw a flock of busy Cedar Waxwings dining on whatever was left on the tree after its leaves were all gone. I love these gorgeous little birds and haven't had the pleasure of seeing them in at least a decade. They always travel in a flock and have the smoothest feathers that transition in color from a grey coat to a light cedar on their crown to a sunny yellow chest and belly. They have a back-swept pointed feather crest on their heads, a little black (Zorro) mask and their wing-tip feathers look as though they have been dipped into red wax.  I really mean it---click on the photo for a close up view---I'm telling you!  They are stunningly handsome birds and I'm glad they dropped a calling card that got my attention!

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