Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Arriving at the Same Place from Every Direction

Arriving at the Same Place from Every Direction, 2009 (24"x24") The grids on the piece reference quadrants on topographic maps. The "x" represents the destination. "From every direction", in the title represents all the different routes that can be taken to arrive at the destination. "Destination", of course references "destiny". The message of the piece speaks to the many routes one can take to find a meaningful place, the place that is "meant to be", the place that feels right. The "place", is not so much a physical place, space, location, but more the sense that what one is doing, fits.
Above: Fractured Landscape: Spring City, 2009 (24"x24") - Acrylic painting on canvas, cut into pieces and incorporated into a larger encaustic painting.
Above: Pears in San Miguel2009 (24"x24") - Oil painting on canvas, incorporated into a larger encaustic painting.

The ground used for these paintings is an Ikea Lack table top (24"x 24"). Friends gave me three table tops over the weekend to experiment with for encaustic painting ground. The size to weight ratio is excellent. I was wondering about the make up of the interior of the Lack table top in terms of rigidity, strength, durability (all important qualities for encaustic painting grounds) as well as best location and method for attaching hanging hardware. And---I just ran across a video of a factory demonstration of the manufacture of the Lack items in this morning's Apartment Therapy blog post National Geographic Takes An Inside Look at Lack . I learned that I can have confidence in this construction for use as an encaustic painting ground.

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