Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Ants have eaten the mouse bait!!!

Do you ever have one of those days or weeks, where there's just a little bit (or maybe a BIG bit) too much going on? This week in the creature category---I'm feeling a little like Dr. Doolittle.

The evening the peahen (aka Persephone the female peacock) spent the night with us at Hound's Roo cottage, I saw a mouse dashing about in the breakfast room. I baited the catch-and-release mouse trap and placed it against the wall where I last saw the fleeting little rodent. Then I loaded up the killer mouse trap with peanut butter and placed in on the kitchen floor.

After returning from our daily dog walk this morning, in which Ender participated for the first time in months (making it a three-dog walk with our guest hound in tow), I checked to see whether I'd caught any mice---dead or alive. Nothing has touched the killer mouse trap. However, there is a happy little swarm of ants inside the catch-and-release mouse trap---and the big pad of peanut butter I spread inside on waxed paper is GONE! I thought mice only came in the house in the winter. I have never had the co-pest problem of ants and mice together. GEEZ. I can't very well borrow a "mouser" cat with the greyhounds living here! :-o

I have a room for rent in Hound's Roo ("no pets allowed") and just had a response asking whether a bird would be accepted. LOL!

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  1. Hi Toni,
    Saw a very large rat at the coop yesterday. Oh well, what are you gonna do ? Rats gotta eat, too.

    Second Hand Chicks




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