Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Reconditioned Vintage Furniture Pieces Recently Sold

We've been very busy in the workshop, completing several fun pieces.  The items shown in the photographs here have all sold in the last month.   When I first post photos on this site of a completed piece that you may be interested in having, please let me know by sending me a message.  If the piece doesn't sell within a week or so,  I deliver it to one of two local consignment shops for sale.  The consignment shops generally take a commission of half the sales price.  If you purchase an item directly from me prior to delivery to the shop, not only do I save a delivery trip, I can give you a better price and do a little better myself.  But once the piece is delivered to consign, the contract keeps the item at the shop for at least ninety days.
Details on each piece can be seen on my Decor & Furnishings Workshop page.  When you see a new item that you want to consider purchasing, send me a message.  I can also do custom work.

I love hearing from you with comments and suggestions, too!

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