Sunday, June 24, 2012

Garage/Studio Reorganization Update

Above:  Garden Supplies & Coat hooks for smocks, work aprons and cleaning items.

The reorganization of my garage/encaustic studio space is completed.  We've been busy working on projects already and that is easier with the addition of a new deep 9-foot long work bench and the relocation of a few existing items.  There is now a corner devoted to the garden tools and they are more visible and easier to access.  Previous posts with photographs that provided some ideas and fresh inspiration were here and here.  I'm sharing a few photos of my own reorganized work space in today's post.

It's a beautiful thing; not in the conventional sense of the word, but beautiful for the ease of function.

Above:  Pegboard tool storage above existing (relocated) workbench.

Above:  Slot for storing the step stool between work bench and multi-drawer rolling cart.  The drawers in the cart are great for storing small art frames.

Above:  Drill Press on the existing Work Bench & two-door painting tool cabinet.
Above:   Encaustic Work Bench with storage drawers below.

Above:   Desk next to Encaustic Work Bench

Left:  Inside the tall encaustic supplies storage cabinet.
Above:  Bins and shelf for spare wood storage; hooks for hanging work table and (extra) bike.  It's helpful to get things off the floor that are not used daily.

Above:  Long Pieces of spare wood (on the left) stacked on ladder hanging brackets.
Above:  Seed Spreader & Snow Shovel are hanging from ceiling joists

Above:  The new 9 foot long, 30 inch deep work bench---a real joy to use.

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