Monday, April 23, 2012

Project Work Space Organization

One of my former posts spoke about garage organization. See it here:  A Beautiful Chaos/Garage/Workshop/Studio.    At the time I was bemoaning the result of a cataclysmic decline in organization of my own garage/workshop stimulated by the acquisition of a large amount of tools, equipment, hardware, lumber, etc. in a within a few days' time from friends moving out of state.

My post exhibited examples of organized garage spaces ... mainly for my own inspiration and encouragement, and avoided posting photos of the condition of my own garage space at the time.

I am happy to report that progress is being made on improving the layout and organization of my own garage/workshop/studio space.
The special guy in my life is nearly finished with constructing a large, sturdy workbench on which I may work on the heaviest of projects.  One of the great features of the new work bench is that it was constructed with recycled materials.  The main structure of the bench is made from the lumber of a demolished deck from my friends' yard and the left overs from my backroom remodel.

 The new bench figures heavily in the new layout and function of my workshop.  I will post photos of the new bench and the new space layout when completed.

 For now, I'm posting an additional collection of idea photos which help keep me heading in the happy direction of the type of space that makes what I do easier.

So important is a logical place for everything so you may put your hand on the right tool right when you need it.

 Room to spread out and do the job properly without running into clutter and obstacles makes the job easier and less stressful.

Check out this transformative idea for storing garden tools at Trash to Treasure.  

There is more to come on this topic.

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