Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2012 Architectural Boxes

For several years I've been finding and reconditioning little wood boxes.  All different sizes, shapes, designs in various types of wood; boxes that can be used for jewelry, coins, keys, iPods, woodwind reeds...See a few boxes from years past here.  From the beginning, I've incorporated copies of etchings of old buildings from a great old book I have.

The oval box displays details from drawings of Palladian buildings, is similar to several I found and reconditioned in years past and is a favorite of mine.
This year I am adding boxes to the series which include copies of my own sketches from travels---drawn while on location.  They  have a less formal character that comes from experiencing the light and weather conditions as well as other elements of the time of day and season.

Above:  From the pencil sketch Montepulciano at Dusk, Toni Youngblood 1988.

The picture here features a sketch I did at the end of a day trip to the town of Montepulciano in Italy.  It was dusk and the town was viewed and sketched in silhouette.

This is a quick preview of boxes for 2012.   There are also a couple of personalized box commissions in the works. More little boxes are coming...in between...other projects...

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