Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pot Rack - Thursday Sight Hound

Design-it-yourself kitchen pot rack

Above: Over-the-window pot rack in my Seattle cottage kitchen.

My inspiration was a beautifully made pot rack that San Francisco sculptor, David Bottini made and left behind in the apartment I leased years ago. (I wish I had a photo of it!) He and his wife lived in the San Francisco Castro neighborhood apartment for nine years and had their daughter while living there. The 1904 Italianate-style flat had lots of tall windows and not much space for storage. To add storage, the sculptor designed and fabricated a pot rack that hung across the kitchen window. There were no other window treatments and it was possible to view into the tiny but magically landscaped back yard full of flowers and artichoke plants.
Above: Anthropologie wall bracket.
For additional storage in my little cottage in Seattle, I decided to install a pot rack over the window. I had a very long window over the kitchen sink. I found pretty wall brackets at the Seattle Anthropologie store which have a hook at the top allowing for placement of a rod. I purchased three of the brackets for the long window and found a suitable extension curtain rod in a brushed nickel finish. My Salt Lake City kitchen has a tall narrow window, so I used only two brackets for mounting the rod.

Above: Mounting a wall bracket on the window trim on each side of the window.
"S" hooks for hanging pots on the rod, can be found at most kitchen supplies stores.
If you have a wide window, you may need to use three brackets, one for each side and one in the center. In this case, the brackets would need to be mounted higher on the top trim of the window. (This was the case with my Seattle kitchen where the window was wide and low.)

Above: Back to tall narrow windows in my Salt Lake City kitchen with pot rack installed.
Happy Hunting, Houndies! ;o)


  1. Your pot rack looks so Anthro! Thank you so much for stopping by and letting me know about the chair!!!

  2. Love it! Love the idea over a window like that! I love pot racks...this is my first kitchen without one, and believe me...I looked for a place!

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