Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tree House Hotels

I love being outside this time of  year.  The thought of curling up under a feather quilt on an old sleeping porch to spend the night is appealing.  And how about a tree house hotel for a little get away?  I found these images at Garden Design Magazine's website.  See the entire article here:
Garden Design Tree House Hotels.
 photo: TreeHouse Point - Washington State
photo: Margaret Whittaker, Northumberland, England
photo: Cedar Creek Treehouse, Washington State
 photo: Hapuku Lodge, New Zealand
photo: Tree House Hide Away, Madhyah Predash, India
photo: Redwoods Treehouse, near Aukland New Zealand
photo: Tree House Cottages, Eureka Springs, Arkansas
photo: TreeHouse Point,, Issaquah, Washington
OK, the photo below is not a tree house, but it does say "getaway". Andthere is a "hotel" in Sea View, Washington that is full of Air Stream and other travel trailers that you may reserve for your own little vacation, if you prefer it to their original classic lodge or individual cabins.  See it here at the Sou'Wester Lodge, since 1892.  And if you'd like to become a unique hotelier yourself, I just read on the Sou'Wester Lodge blog that the lodge is now for sale!
Below photo:   Nordeck Photography

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  1. I've been thinking of a "little" house in our backyard, just for fun. lauren liess of "pure style home" blog has a wonderful one that I'm envious of. now I'm loving these wonderful tree houses, too. donna




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