Monday, September 28, 2015

Customizing Standard Garage

An architect is not required for every good building design project.  Although, I was one when I designed my garage, I made it an easy and affordable project by working with local garage and storage builders A-Shed.

I selected a few extras beyond choosing one of there standard garage model packages:
Added a sub-floor for a storage loft.
Steeper pitched roof, as high as local zoning allows, to allow ample head room in storage loft space.
Added extra windows where I wanted them.
Translucent roof vents for added natural light.

Here is a link to photos of some of A-Shed's "customized" garage projects, including mine. 

I was stunned by how quickly A-Shed constructed the garage.  To demonstrate, here are several photos of Day 3 of  construction:

Above:  Loft sub-floor

Separately, I coordinated the installation of a cantilever automated gate (of black chain link fencing with redwood colored privacy slats) to close off the entrance to the driveway and garage from the public alley.  This required three trades:  The fencing manufacturer who fabricated the gate,  the installer of the remote motorized gate mechanism, and the electrician.


  1. Your garage looks great. Don't forget to install an automatic garage door opener or wireless numeric keypad as well or have them professionally installed. These features can be installed in a single day and greatly improve the usability of garage spaces. Installation is often less expensive than people assume and the added convenience is priceless.

    Machelle Ledoux @ Total Garage Repair

  2. The garage door is exactly the same color as my own. My wife and I have been contemplating on the color and in the end we just went with a bright white just like you have there in those great photos. You must be very happy on how things turned out, and I'd love to see more pictures soon!

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware




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