Thursday, August 6, 2009

Artwork, Design, Creativity and Wonder: Drawing on the Wall


When I was a pre-schooler, my mother mixed primary paint colors for me in a recipe that contained sifted all-purpose baking flour, water, egg yolks and food coloring. The color paints were placed in three corresponding red, yellow and blue colored Dixie cups. She gave paper to me and taught me the basics of color theory by mixing the different color paints. Thus began a successful diversion from my previous occupation of drawing on the walls . . . WALLMARKS.

The acrylic painting shown above was created using wax as frisket to mask and later reveal (as the wax was removed) previously applied layers of paint. It was painted in memory of my mother and titled Mama Made My First Set of Paints. -Sparky

This blog is dedicated to my mom and dad.

Mom, who gave me my first art-making tools, always remarked that I played well by myself.  (A very important trait in a mother's mind, as my much older siblings were not at home much!)   Thanks for immersing me in paint, Mama!
Photo Left:  Mama

My dad, who had the most wonderful woodworking and metalworking shop in which he spent his free time executing his creative and problem-solving ideas into things that amazed me.  I think he was so good at it because he played well by himself.

Photo Above:  Daddy making apple juice with the press that he made and apples that he grew.

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