Friday, August 7, 2009

Artwork: Wax frisket process...

Prior to starting to explore encaustic painting techniques, I have been using melted wax as a frisket for layering acrylic paint in some of my work. Melted wax does not mix well with acrylic paint. Oil paint and/or dry pigment are compatible to use for coloring the wax in encaustic painting. The use of melted wax in my acrylic paintings has been purely as a frisket or masking device as I add subsequent layers of acrylic paint. When I am ready, I peel away the hardened wax to reveal the image I'm after. The photo on the left illustrates the point in the painting process in which the last layer of acrylic paint has dried and I am about to remove all layers of hardened wax to reveal desired arrangement of layers of color in the final painting.

The completed painting is titled Calligraffiti One and is shown here directely on the left and in the previous post "Working with acrylic paint and wax as frisket".

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