Thursday, August 6, 2009

Artwork: Paintings in acrylic and oil

Not for sale

 Strings - 24"x36" acrylic on canvas, Toni Youngblood, framed Inquire
White Heat - 30"x24" acrylic on canvas, Toni Youngblood Inquire

Red Winter Sky - 36"x24" acrylic on canvas, Toni Youngblood 2015., custom tabernacle frame included. Inquire

 For Anna Mariea, Acrylic on canvas, 36"x24", Toni Youngblood 2013©  Inquire

 Private Commission 30"x40" acrylic on canvas (not for sale)
 Cottage Sunflowers, Gauche and tempera on paper,  12"x16", Toni Youngblood 2013© Inquire
 Goose with Peacock Aspirations, Acrylic on canvas, 11"x14" Toni Youngblood, 2010© Inquire
 Street Conversation  - Acrylic on Canvas - Toni Youngblood 2013©   SOLD
 See Spot  - Acrylic on Canvas, 12"x9" - Toni Youngblood 2013©  SOLD

 Sugar Magnolia, Acrylic on canvas, 12"x12", Toni Youngblood ©  $150 unframed  SOLD

 Above: Toni Youngblood, Abandoned Construction Site #1, 9 x 12", Toni Youngblood ©  Inquire 

 Above: Toni Youngblood, Abandoned Construction Site #2, 9 x 12", 2009©  NFS

 Above: Toni Youngblood, Watusi, 9 x 12",Toni Youngblood © SOLD

Above: Toni Youngblood, Navigating Bliss, 9 x 12", 2009©  SOLD

Above: Toni Youngblood, Calligraffiti One, 2009©  Inquire
Above: Toni Youngblood, Calligraffiti Two, 9 x 12", 2009©  Inquire
Above: Toni Youngblood, Calligraffiti Three, 9 x 12", 2009© Inquire

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