Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Creativity: Lemonade---the movie

Soon to be released is a film about experiences of people who have been laid off from their jobs. The implication in the title is that one can make "lemonade" from the "lemon" dealt in the lay off. I'm a recent partaker of this initially frightening, but sweet nectar---having received the gift of time to paint again and to learn new painting techniques, to research woodworking techniques and tools, to search out vintage and funky-lightful furniture pieces to recondition, restore, enliven and re-sell, to babysit greyhounds for their adoring parents, to plant and nurture a vegetable garden and research all the ways one can cook beets, artichokes and more, to pick fruit from my pear and apple trees for the first time in the three years since moving into this house and to bake and eat delicious pies from them, to mow my own lawn and care for my flowers, to bake a loaf of healthy bread weekly, to spend quality time with family and friends, to read the books I want to read, to enjoy my morning coffee while sitting on the front porch . . . If you've been laid off from your job, tell us about your "lemonade". :o)

See the movie trailer here:

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