Sunday, August 16, 2009

Artwork: Encaustic Paintings - Berkeley Series

 Click on images for a detailed view.

Above:  Todi, 2009 ©

Above:  Thank You, Mt. Etna!, 2009 ©

Above:  Dreamt in Italian, 2009 ©

Above:  Beach Tide, 2009 ©

Above:  Judy's Paintbrush, 2009 ©

Above: In the Field of Forgiveness, 2009 ©- SOLD

Above:  Lost Pearls, April, 2009 ©

Above:  View Through the Fence, 2009 ©

 Above:  Alium, 2011 ©

Above:  Where Music Lives, 2009 ©

Above:  Suffering Happiness, 2009 ©

1 comment:

  1. Looked through all of your paintings-love your paintings. You are really talented. I especially loved Judy's Paintbrush, and the painting below your interest links that dedicated to your mom.

    I've always found encaustics to be so interesting. I'd love to learn how to do the process one day.




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