Wednesday, November 14, 2012

George Nakashima Furniture Maker

George Nakashima attended my alma mater and earned an undergraduate degree in Architecture in 1929.  He went on to get his Master's of Architecture at M.I.T.    But he is best known for his work in mid-20th Century furniture design and woodworking.

In January there will be an exhibit of what is now considered vintage Nakashima furniture along with architectural drawings and sketches.

George Nakashima: A Master's Furniture and Philosophy is on exhibit Nakashima Artthrough January 20, 2013 at the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle. From the Wing Luke Museum: A leading mid-20th century designer in woodworking, 1929 UW architecture graduate George Nakashima (1905-1990) is known for his fine detailing, finishing, and spirituality, stemmed from a deep kinship with nature. Featuring vintage Nakashima furniture, architectural drawings and sketches, follow how Nakashima's life experiences translated into his work and explore his legacy today.
Nakashima's daughter, Mira continues his furniture woodworking shop.  Here is a short film in which she talks about their form of art and craft. Click on the link below to view the 3:26 minute film.
Nakashima Woodworker film


George Nakashima made some unconventional choices for his life after his formal education.  Wikepedia provides a concise summary of his experiences here

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