Monday, June 20, 2011

Trestle Table is beautiful!

The trestle table project is complete and the results are lovely.  See more photos here.  I would love for this to go soon to the right home, as I am making my way through inventory to clear more working space.  If she doesn't sell in two weeks (she's also posted on craigslist), I'll make arrangements to sell her on consignment.  Consignment marks the items higher (125%-175%) than my price and I (the person who put all the work into the piece) receive only 50% from the sale.  So acquiring an item directly from me is a win for me and for you.  And it saves me from having to round up a burly helper to aid me in delivering the table to the consignment shop.  ***If you mention my blog in response to my ad on craigslist, and you purchase the table directly from me, I will take 10% off of the asking price.    ;o)  (Don't wait till it's at the consignment shop, they require me to let them keep it for up to three months and won't let me have it back to sell to my own buyer.)

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