Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wonder: Gender Culture

Sweet and demur versus (does it look to you like he's leaning in towards her?)

I've vaguely noticed how different my house mate's shower products look from mine.  This morning while showering, I saw that his current shower gel is the same brand as mine and thought it would be fun to compare how differently the same manufacturer formulates and packages the men's and women's products.
 My shower gel is "Yogurt Vanilla Honey Nourishing Body Wash", kind of seems like after I shower, I'd taste pretty good!  It also says that it "Refreshes Thirsty Skin" with "Yogurt Protein & Honey Extract".  The bottle is smooth with subtle curves swooping upward (not bottom heavy).  The colors are light, creamy and subtle and there's a picture of a honey pot with vanilla flower and beans on the front.  Hmm, I might just use this recipe for a light and healthy breakfast!

His bottle is the color of STEEL, it has grips on it (sure don't want to drop this thing in the shower---Oopsie!) and it is asymetrical (kind of has a little swagger to it) so that you know exactly how to grab it when you need it---no messing around when it comes to getting clean.  I'm not sure what the green circular thing is on the front label, a frisbee?, a drain where all the nasty stuff goes down, the open end of a gun barrel?  
 His product says "For Men" on it (I guess anyone can use mine) and his is "Full Force", there's no holding back when washing yourself with this stuff!  It's "ULTIMATE CLEAN BODY WASH with CLEAN RINSING TECHNOLOGY"--- we are not nourishing our skin with this stuff , no recipes---it's Technology at work here, and we are sure as heck not going to leave anything sweet nor tasty behind!
My product says "For a Healthy Clean You Can Feel (touchy-feely),  Refresh your thirsty skin with Dial Yogurt Nourishing body Wash!  Enriched with natural yogurt protein, our clean-rinsing formula is clinically proven to moisturize your skin and leave it feeling sensationally smooth and healthy."  And then there is the 
"Yogurt Fact:
Yogurt protein is a natural skin conditioner that can help protect the skin from dehydration."

And His:   
* The Ultimate Clean - Removes odors and cleans deeply (we girls don't smell so bad and are usually not very dirty).
* Non-Drying Formula - Engineered (Engineered?) with the right balance of skin conditioners.

And in the spot where mine had the yogurt fact, (this is my favorite part of his product's labeling) "His" has directions (crazy, we all know guys don't read the directions---is this a little joke from Dial?)  

HOW TO USE:  1. Squeeze out.  2.  Lather up.  3. Rinse off.
(He didn't listen to his mom when she instructed him on how to wash?)

In case you are thinking that I share a bathroom with a real man's man, consider this.  Last week my house mate ran out of his shampoo and told me that he used some of mine.  When I asked him which one he used (I have two types), he told me he chose the "pink" one.  ;o)

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