Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Revitalized Workshop Progress

This is a snapshot of the new 9-foot-long work bench.  This heavy duty beauty was constructed from recycled decking materials that my friends gave me when they demolished their backyard deck.

I can now place large project furniture on top of the bench when needed.  The 30-inch depth of the workbench top allows space for small tools and other objects along the back wall of the bench and still have plenty of working surface.

Prior to the construction of the wunderful workbench, we insulated the window wall shown in the photo and installed drywall (left over from remodeling my back garden room).  There's now an official space for my table saw and shop vacuum. Colorful rubber floor mats make working while standing, much easier on the feet. The mats are also reused.  General reorganization of the whole space is in progress.  Yippee!

My builder is the same gentleman who invented this wunder, which you may have seen on Jay Leno, the World's Best Inventions and YouTube.

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