Sunday, August 26, 2012

Old Curtain Rod in the Garden


This weekend  I used several discarded inexpensive curtain rods in the garden to protect flowers and shrubs from the hose as I drag it along while watering.

I cut the rods down to two-foot lengths.  I temporarily removed the finial while I pounded the rod into the ground about one foot deep, leaving one foot of the rod above ground.  Then I reattached the finial.  You've probably noticed that rods come with different types of finial attachments.  Some finials screw right into the end of the rod while others may have a side screw that threads through a small hole in the side of the finial and tightens against the side of the rod.  I have a couple of different sets of old rods with both methods of attaching the finial to the end of the rod.  Either type will work for this purpose---just be careful not to damage the finial or its attachment while pounding the rod into the ground.  I'm happy to have found a new use for these old rods and to have my flower beds protected!

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