Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More Lace Window Screens

Today we completed two more lace window screens.  Earlier in the summer this year, I came up with this use for old salvaged window screens and put together three matching tall frames and a smaller painted one. You may remember seeing them here and in my Decor and Furnishings Shop.
The two frames pictured here were meticulously cleaned of their peeling paint to expose the naturally aged patina of the wood beneath.  We removed the old rusted screens and carefully removed and set aside the wood strips that cover staples (that attached the original screens to the frame).  I was happy to find enough of the graceful lace fabric for these two panels to be beautifully book matched.  We have two more window frames of this size from the same lovely old home, enough lace for them and will recondition them later.
I attached the lace to the window screen frames and re-nailed the wood strips over the new staples.  Each of the panels has its original crystal knob intact.  These "new" screens are wonderful as privacy panels sitting on the window sill, room dividers suspended from the ceiling, wall art and more that you will imagine according to your own needs.

I will place this pair in my WALLMARKS blog Decor and Furnishings Shop for a week or so...

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