Thursday, May 2, 2013

Before: Yard Sale Toy Bench

I'm a believer in the value of reusing "stuff", versus throwing out and buying all new.  Could be the influence of grandparents who lived creatively through the Great Depression, not to mention the austerity measures people were tasked with through a couple of world wars.  

More than ever, I'm also rescuing and reusing because it's an  important action to break the cycle of throwing out and buying all new.  It helps us keep functioning, quite happily and creatively without making a dump out of our planet. Now I'm not recommending filling up your house with garbage. I'm just pointing out the beauty of giving existing quality items another chance to shine.  Furnishing by recycling, you may call it.  

Besides all that, there are a lot of old things with character that I really like---just as they are.  And sometimes I see things that require some help . . . to become lovable. So I jump in and give them the TLC they need.   And it's not just about choice of style.  Oft times vintage pieces are higher quality in materials and construction!

Pictured here, is a toy box/bench yard sale find for $5.00.  I'm in the process of transforming the character of this piece with paint.  See the completed bench here.

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