Saturday, May 17, 2014

Acryilic Painting: Class Lessons

Beginners' Acrylic Painting students painted along with me on this demonstration. They learned to layout their composition by gridding the original and the surface on which they are to paint, blending the colors into each other to model the three dimensionality of the objects, complementary color effects and mixing ultramarine blue with burnt umber to create a lively black...and they had fun doing it!

Intermediates' Acrylic Painting students followed me on this demonstration by painting their own. They learned important use of positive and negative space. They examined how objects we know are of the same hue in nature can change appearance to the eye according to light and shadow. They learned to mix paint colors to "match" the colors that we actually see by evaluating the target color for: hue, value, and intensity. They also learned to create an "olive" green by mixing black and yellow together.

My Acrylic Painting Classes are out for Summer break, but will start up again in the Fall!  Watch this website for posting of the Fall 2014 Course Catalog and Registration:  Salt Lake Community Education

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