Saturday, September 6, 2014

The summer is nearly over and I'm feeling that it has been an art-less span of time for me, devoted instead to finding perfect renters for my own property and four owned by others, disposing of items for friends (craigslist), selling my own beloved vintage Land Cruiser, making home improvements (new energy-efficient windows for upstairs rooms, lighting in the kitchen, duct run for heating and air-conditioning to an upstairs room that never had it, new partial roof, landscaping work, building a new gate and the desperate search for hardware that will actually work on it, and more!)  The images I'm posting today are for my own personal inventory to help soothe my psyche by looking at work I have completed during the past eight months, including a couple of class demonstration paintings (I teach two eight-week classes Fall, Winter and Spring terms:  Acrylic Painting for Beginners and Intermediates.).

  And, then there are the two in-progress works below on which I will soon resume painting...

I don't usually post about discouragement here, but this week a watercolor painting I loaned for a group exhibit in a neighboring town gallery, has gone missing.  No one has stepped up to identify at what point it went missing, nor has offered any remuneration to me for the lost/stolen work:

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