Monday, May 11, 2015


Thomas Howa "This was the first piece that was purchased from Howa Gallery. Congratulations. Toni Youngblood and thank you!"

The grand opening of the Howa Gallery was well-attended during the five hour duration of the reception.  I'm very happy to have sold my largest of the five pieces exhibited in the the group show.  It also happened to be the first work to sell.

List of Artists in the Grand Opening Exhibit:

Tyler Thomas Blaine
Cody Chamberlain
John Collins
Traci O'Very Covey
Sierra M. Dickey
Sandra Elliott
Darryl Erdmann
Meredith Franck
Jeffrey Hale
Nichole Houston
Jeremy Houston
Lisa Howa
Sarinda Jones
Susan Kirby
Lenka Konopasek
Bill Lee
Julie Lewis
Brian Lindley
David Maestas
Nancy Maxfield
Ray McCarty
Frank McEntire
Layne Meacham
Alexander Hraefn Morris
Marilyn Read
Ron Russon
Tami Sanders
Chauncey Secrist
Cordell Taylor
Sean Toomey
Toni Youngblood
Thomas J. Howa

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