Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Knitting Project Complete! (Almost)

"Guernsey Wrap" is the name of this pattern; available through Ravelry.  I knitted about half of it last winter and finished the remainder recently...blocked it yesterday and will now weave in the loose ends.  This project was so long, I had to drag the card table from the basement to accommodate the length when blocking.  My friend Roger gave me the beautiful wool yarn for this! 

Next, I'll block a striped poncho I knitted last winter which utilized lots of single skeins of warm neutrals I had on hand.  A favorite of those yarns was an alpaca.  For the poncho, I started with a basic pattern, but made it larger for longer cozy coverage. 

If you don't knit yet, I recommend learning.  It's a stress releaser.  I've knitted nearly seventy of these (see below)  kitchen cloths since last November 8!

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