Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Creativity & Good Food: A little winemaking...

Photo by Doug Sloan
Above: 2010 bumper crop of grapes at Hound's Roo Estate Vineyards

Photo by Toni Youngblood
I acquired a nice little group of grape vines growing on the south side of the property when I purchased the house four years ago. A friend was very interested in the hearty grape crop of 2008, and asked if he could experiment with making wine from the beautiful tasty grapes. I agreed that it was an intriguing idea and thus Hound's Roo Estate Vineyards - In the heart of downtown Salt Lake City was born.

Photo by Toni Youngblood
Above: Our first bottle of vintage 2008 - a prolific year for our little vineyard.
Photo by Toni Youngblood
Above: I am working out final adjustments to the label design.
Photo by Toni Youngblood
Above: a visiting pinot noir hound, seems to have the idea that the nice hole I dug for transplanting a shrub was made specifically for him and his lazy dog-days nap taking.

Photo by  Toni Youngblood

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