Thursday, November 11, 2010

Design: Backroom Progress - Interior Work Begins...

After enjoying the (unfinished) weather proofed, insulated and furnished, space through last winter until now,  the exterior construction has been completed.  And now the finish work for the interior begins.
Over the weekend, I removed all the furniture, drapes, rugs and artwork from the space and stored it away in the basement, my bedroom and the dining room. 
I was happy that after receiving the bill from the builder for the completion of exterior work on the room, there is still enough in the budget (as planned) to complete the interior finishes.  :o)  I wasn't quite sure about that, as the foundation required unanticipated work.

We purchased the wall board and associated materials on Monday night and he began installing it on the ceiling. 
Above:  Maple Flooring

Last week, I ordered the flooring material, a very pretty five-inch wide prefinished maple.  A year ago, I had chosen a gorgeous hickory wood for the flooring, but I learned last week that it had sold out very quickly and is no longer available.  So the maple is my second choice.  It's still quite nice and the same price as the hickory was when it was "on sale".  A huge thank you is due to my Aunt Nelle, who through Christmas and birthday gifts funded the purchase of the flooring!  ;o)

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