Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Design: Eastlake Parlor Table


 This little Eastlake parlor table is ready for a fresh start in a new home.

Identifying Eastlake Furniture

Pieces of furniture in this style had low relief carvings, incised lines, moldings, geometric ornaments, and flat surfaces that were easy to keep clean. Also known under the name Cottage Furniture, the mass-produced pieces were much more affordable than the fanciful revival pieces. Hints on Household Taste, Eastlake encouraged "honesty" in construction and finishing. He called for hand crafted, solid wood furniture with rectangular joinery. He condemned the practice of using stains and varnishes to disguise inexpensive woods, calling instead for oiled, naturally colored finishes. Eastlake Style furniture is frequently seen in antique shops all over the United States, but especially in the east and midwest. It was manufactured by factories in the east that had branch offices in midwest cities. Carpenters also made pieces of furniture from patterns in this style for their homes and for customers. The style differed from the original concept of Charles Eastlake; some versions were more ornately carved and others were minimally incised, perhaps having only reeding and chamfered corners. The concept of simple, affordable, attractive cottage furniture survived. 
From Dr. Lori, Director, Masterpiece Technologies Inc.

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