Thursday, December 2, 2010

Design: Celebrating Settees

Most definitions describe a settee as a small to medium sized sofa.  My father called all sofas "settees".  As in "Don't put your feet on the settee."  Maybe that was an old Southern custom, calling the sofa a settee.  He lived in the South his entire life.    
 I'm a pushover for a pretty settee. 

 I also enjoy seeing "pretty" (old style) sofas.  And I have a collection of  images of "pretty old style" sofas, as well. 

 I like these old world pieces blended with modern pieces in the same space.

The diminutive scale of a settee allows more versatility in function and placement than a regular sized sofa.

I've saved so many images of settees over the last couple of years in my interiors inspiration folder, I thought it was time to pull them out and see the collection all together.  

I hope you enjoy seeing them, too.

Maybe I'll pull out the images of pretty old sofas and post them another day.

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