Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Decking the Halls and Crossing Fingers for Construction Schedule

 It's interesting how one can get accustomed to living in disorder . . . when there's not much choice.  
The house is kind of a mess with furniture jammed in everywhere---waiting for the day it can be settled in the new/old back room.  I've decorated a bit for the holidays . . . the entry hall and the front porch.

And I set up an improvised menorah so my house mate, Kat can ward off homesickness.  I made Star of David-shaped cookies with this recipe, adjusting the temperature to 400 degrees F.  (The unusual "finish" on the wall pictured in the background, is one of the "time capsules" in my old house.  I removed gypsum wall board installed by previous owners of the home, in order to uncover the window in the dining room-----along with ancient plaster which will need to be re-done. Oh, but I'm so happy to have the window and the natural light it provides!)
She said it made her feel more at home with Hanukkah items in the house. And she gave me an adorable little dreidel.  She said her mom has always given her little dreidels to distribute to her friends, since elementary school.  I love it!  :o)
Though my builder said it will be done in time for Christmas,  progress on the back room continues to scream along at a turtle's pace.

(In case you are wondering, the bathroom shower was installed behind that used-to-be-window-now-niche years ago!)
I've learned (for health reasons) not to hold my breath for these construction deadlines to be met.  ;o)  But still, I'm glad some progress is being made. 

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