Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Calligraffiti on "The Post"

I'm sharing a link to the article written by Geoff Wichert on his blog The Post---
Gallery Symbiosis:  Toni Youngblood at Charley Hafen Jewelers and Gallery
The full article can be seen here.
The web address to The Post:

I enjoyed Geoff Wichert's remarks about different types of gallery spaces:  "Those that present art in a relatively blank, abstract space that strives not to impose any undue influence on the works displayed" versus those that show art "in a space that conjures the scale and furnishings of a potential owner's home".

My thesis, Museum for a Private Collection of Twentieth-Century American Art, published in 1990 in partial fulfillment of my my graduate degree in architecture (M.Arch) examined these opposing ideas about the display of art.

Thanks to Geoff for visiting my exhibit at Charley Hafen's and for writing his observations.

An excerpt from Geoff Wichert's article follows...

All Photographs by Geoff Wichert - Click on photos for closer view.

Charley Hafen Gallery exploits its older building to give clients an idea of  how the art will look in their homes (above).  The arrangement of several works on a common theme can unify a busy or cluttered area ('Sweat Equity Nos. 1, 2, & 3 by Toni Youngblood, Encaustic on Board w/Mixed Media, right).

An unusual placement allows these small works to relate to the natural world outside the window (left) What looks like art fixing an architectural problem is only temporary: the stairs will soon connect to more shops on the second floor (right)  
(Portrait at the stair landing:  Lionel Hampton and David Halliday, by Toni Youngblood 2011, acrylic on canvas)

Top, left & right: 'Life in Acronymia' and 'Don't Hide Them' Bottom, left & right, 'Cursive is As Cursive Does' and 'Patching the Infrastructure' All Encaustic on panel, all 2011. Here Toni Youngblood shows just some of the range of what the medium can do.

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