Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Saddle Blanket Runner

This solution for a protective runner for catching wet and muddy dog paws coming into the house from the back yard is economical, easy to clean and fun in appearance.  Pictured above are two saddle blankets purchased at our local Intermountain Farmers Association "Country Store".  They have a flat weave similar to Turkish kilims and Navajo rugs, but are usually woven with a mixture of wool/cotton/acrylic fibers that are machine washable in cold water.

The ends have a rolled hem with braided ties at each corner.  They usually measure  60" x 30".  You can find
several similar choices of saddle blankets on Amazon.com---priced from around $10 to $20.  I found mine at IFA for $15 each.  Several color combinations are available.  I did have to go to two different IFA stores to find two matching blankets, however.
I have combined two blankets to get the correct length for my needs and tied the corner ties on one end of each blanket together to keep the two blankets from separating from each other. 
You will want to use a rug grip to keep the runners from sliding on a bare slick surface, in my case, a maple floor.

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