Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wonder: More Gender Culture

You may remember this post:  Wonder: Gender Culture.

And the description on this "men's" product made me wonder why girls don't have so much fun with their deodorant:

On the same topic and still a wonder is this:

I recently learned of this made-for-men product which just happens to be the best moisturizing hand and body creme I have ever used.  My significant other introduced me to it, when he saw me suffering from dry and cracking hands this winter.  Even the products designed for women by the same manufacturer have not come close to being as effective as this one for me. This "men's" product has helped me avoid the typical problems associated with dry hands this winter and I'm going to see how well my bare feet fare this summer by using it on my exposed tootsies.  I just wanted to pass this along to all the women who desire a good moisturizing creme and may not be able to find a suitable one in the ladies' department.

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